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Published July 11, 2023

One of the hottest trends in flooring today is the exciting option of Luxury Vinyl Plank.  With looks from hardwood to tile and with the benefit of being completely waterproof, you’ll find that the Luxury Vinyl Plank options provided by Majestic Flooring and Design Centre will give you the style, comfort and affordability you are looking for.

Majestic Flooring and Design Centre in Stony Plain is experienced with various floor coverings, including stone and tile, hardwood and cork, laminate, carpet and sheet vinyl.  When choosing Majestic Flooring for your home renovations, they can offer expert design services and quality installation. They can even give top-notch advice and instruction for the DIY crowd.  Majestic Flooring & Design Centre works with all of the major flooring manufacturers and suppliers to give you the widest range of flooring options while still maintaining your peace of mind that the product you are purchasing has been vetted for quality assurance.

Great for any room

The versatility and waterproof feature of Luxury Vinyl Plank makes it suited to every room in the house, from living rooms to kitchens and even into bathrooms.  Majestic Flooring can source your Luxury Vinyl Plank from all of the top-brand flooring suppliers, including Shaw, Fuzion Floors and Beaulieu Canada, among others.  When you visit the showroom at Majestic Flooring & Design Centre, you will see that the possibilities for different looks and options of Luxury Vinyl Plank seem nearly endless, with something to suit every style, budget and room in your home.  And as always, our experienced design staff will help you narrow down your choices to options that will coordinate with the look you want for whichever room in your home needs to be updated.

Luxury Vinyl Plank can fit various budgets

The large variety of quality suppliers that Majestic Flooring can use to source your selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank means that they can offer a product that will work with any budget.  With so much selection, even an entry-level budget can have a flooring option that will give you the high-end designer look that you are trying to achieve.

It is durable

Although anything can scratch, including concrete, Luxury Vinyl Plank can be an extremely durable floor.  Different price points will have different levels of the wear layer. This will give you progressively harder surfaces that can take more wear right up to the amount of foot traffic that would be appropriate for a commercial floor.  The matte finish on most Luxury Vinyl Planks means that even if the floor does scratch, it will likely go unnoticed. That makes matte finish an ideal low-maintenance and more worry-free option.  The waterproof nature of Luxury Vinyl Plank also means that water damage from an accidental spill or overwatered plant will never be an issue.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is easy to clean

Luxury Vinyl Plank is intended to be a hassle-free low, maintenance floor.  Simply sweeping or vacuuming will keep your floor tidy, and for deeper cleaning, you can visit Majestic Flooring & Design Centre to purchase a cleaner and micro-fibre mop designed specifically for your floor.  Because it is water-proof, you could also choose to wash it with a mop and your favourite commercial cleaner. Or, you can choose an even greener option, like vinegar.  Minimal maintenance is required to keep your new Luxury Vinyl Plank floor looking as good as the day it was first installed.

Flooring Stores in Stony Plain

Majestic Flooring & Design Centre has been serving the Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Edmonton and surrounding areas for nearly 50 years under 2 generations of family operation.  As the area they service has grown in population and size, the scope of their work has changed to include DIY projects, flooring for renovations, new housing, commercial projects and even flooring for insurance replacements.   Their showroom has been voted as one of the Top 5 Flooring Showrooms in Edmonton and Area. It has a huge selection of flooring products to meet any budget needs.  Their highly skilled Design Consultants can help you design the home of your dreams and “Live in Luxury.”

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