Majestic Flooring Design Centre

Published May 18, 2023

Source: Beaulieu Canada

Striving for motivation and continuously undermining your talents are two reasons why you end up pushing projects until tomorrow. Most people back down when something is too complicated but renovations can’t always be pushed back!

If you are the kind of person to hang your shelves crookedly, if you don’t know how to change a door knob without locking yourself out and if you are frequently known as the worst fixer upper, these tips might help gain your reputation back. Here are three quick renovation projects that can be done by anyone in need of a change.

Paint, paint, paint!

Sometimes, changing the color of a room or a key piece in your décor can make a whole difference. If some of your furniture seems outdated, you may want to paint it before giving it away. This simple task can make an old piece come to life. This way, you can follow trends and modify bits and pieces of your home without it being too pricy. Think about using pattern stencils or adding a scraped finish for a unique feel.

Change Your Floor Covering!

Beaulieu managed to make renovations easy once again by bringing to market a floor covering that will make you feel like a handyman. You won’t even need to purchase a bunch of tools that you would only use once. All you’ll need is a bit of glue, a level, a utility knife (Exacto type) and a trowel! With One2Floor™ , Beaulieu’s second generation of loose lay vinyl, you’ll have your installation done in no time. Because of its long and wide planks, laying them down is a breeze. All you have to do is lay the planks, perimeter glue and move on with your day because no one likes to waste their whole weekend on home renovations! With One2Floor, lay the planks, perimeter glue and voilà!

Add a Key Item!

When you walk into a room, there is always an eye-catching item that stands out. Sometimes it’s a big shiny chandelier, sometimes a beautiful framed art piece or even a colorful item in a neutral room. Think about changing that one feature when you are sick of it. That element will make the transformation. Your guests will believe that the room is different! It’s just like getting a new haircut, most people will take a couple of minutes to pick up on the change after bringing up the fact that you look great!

So for once, and even if it is for once only, do a project yourself and be proud of it! As for your guests, they will think it was done by a pro. So whether it’s by redoing your flooring with an easy product like loose lay luxury vinyl or if it’s by renewing your color palette, change is always good!